Abingdon Carpets

Abingdon are a British based company with facilities in South Wales, the West Midlands and the North and South of England. We employ a total workforce of over 300 people and have the capacity to produce over 15 million square metres of carpet every year.

That’s enough to get you to Argentina and back every year!

Admired throughout the industry for the high-quality of products we produce, we have always placed our carpets through an ongoing testing cycle. Our centre of Development and Excellence in our South Wales factory, not only provides state-of-the-art facilities for the research and development of carpets, it also houses a fully-equipped testing laboratory for on-going quality control allowing us to stay at the top of game on product quality and production.

You have our assurance that we use only the best, top grade raw materials when making our carpets and we have an ongoing investment programme which ensures that we continue to remain at the cutting edge of technology performance and customer care. Guaranteeing we are always working towards meet all the needs of all our customers.